May !

Hello readers,

If you are reading this, you are alive and Awesome. πŸ“£
This is the post for the month of the april and May ahead. May has already started and it has blessed with a distance from many things. Bahubali released last month and I too saw it. In may I have several items on bucket list.
A burden to loose
A letter to send
A confession to make
A submission of article
A cup of coffee with granny
A presentation to make
A briefing where the ***** thing will happen
A rest day
A code completion day
A contest to win
A gift to send
A cake and pizza treat
A budget check
A commitment to finish
Bonding more with people
A drama to complete
A questionnaire to ask people.
And life is busy, hectic and on swords edge.

Time is coming near to upsurge. 

The judgement of honesty​ will be made.
I am hoping all goes well in May. 
It’s already the Mid may post.
The base of something incredible is getting ready. On the team builing, finding the people to handle specific aspects.

Amidsts all I’m passing to a great amount of emotional low-high. 

I pray to the Almighty Lord, to give us all the strength and peace to complete our adventure. Have a great month. 

Celebrate Life. 

Masoom Jethwa.


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