Z #AtoZchallenge



The point was reached, the speed was increasing, the spread was decreasing in opposite direction. The darkness overpower all. The matter was put on checking, everything fuse, the light trapped, the connect was stopped. The destruction was nearly complete. The flower became the bud itself, the lamps glowing or dark, was shrink in the same pocket steadily everything which separated at large-scale, combined, The Yeti established order of silence. The Zumangi started. The grain was shirked again to a dot, this time little fat, with all the knowledge inside it. The darkness wrapped it up and handed the GRAIN back to the space, The infinite. The darkness ever stayed with it. The wrapper of the GRAIN had this message etched with light. The message read:

Purify yourself and become dust so that from the dust flowers can grow.

Conclusion: Celebrate Life.



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