Y #AtoZchallenge


The day doomed, Yeti was on rise, Yeti was the opposite of bang that imploded The Grain. the x-ray left the living dead. The system collapsed, The one,  mankind was so profound of. The system got obliterated. The Earth stood still,  The wind go still, The dust once again rose, cracking the portion, the rock and the mantle. the sudden death of creatures,  once who claimed to conquer everything was smashed to dust. The star Sun was not affected. The day night, the definer, the timekeeper, the quantity maker, the decider, the laws, the right and wrong,  the pulse checker, the medicine maker, all vanished.  Every system faces this destruction, mankind faced earlier.  The ET was destroyed.  The one who sought was killed. The system got violent, the rage erupted, the space shrank, the energy winded up, the time became fast, light was trapped.  The Sun died, the pocket lamp in space blow up. In coming years, this continued to happen in whole space, the galaxy collapsed, sun die, and remaining was empty  time_SPACE_energy gap. The spreading was rampant. The disturbance continued, till one day,  the darkness summoned all. The agenda was to stop everything.  None of them turned up. So Darkness made gamble. With speed, it started to shrink the fabric of space_time_light, And all was again close to what it had started, a bang.

Darkness sent message quoted below;

Look again, and see how much I need you.

Watch the long nights that I lie here awake.



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