U #AtoZchallenge


To the Uranium metal.

Long back when the mankind was in the advancement of science and chemistry,
a couple discovered the a metal called Uranium. The mankind used it evrywhere on earth and made it dust again.
Some of the hardest surviving creature remained alive.
Half dead,
Half born.

The radiation was wide spread.
The mankind who wanted to colonize the another planets were on the edge of extinction. The more air they breathe the more they were killed.

Everything once Utopia was now Uranified.
The worst nightmare occurred, leaving all in turmoil.

One ant and a rat somehow survived under the surface where they were still unaffected by the Uranification.

They were the only ones, the new era was on the edge.
They decided to go near the ground zero, but were terrified.

Once they decided and packed.

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears!



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