S #AtoZchallenge



Wild in the west, there lived a Sufi, who was stated many things. The Sufi was bullied by the modern world at his time. He was awakened. Wide and strong. Before he passed, he left his words and told his coworker to seek out in world. He was ahead of time. He envisioned the future. He also wrote volumes on saving earth, the only place to be. But the people were so dull, to praise the light he shine upon then.

The Sufi believed in conversation, he always praised humanity and sensitization, he also told the pros and cons of the life. He asked everyone to practice zen. The Sufi gave them the sutra of ultimate living and happiness.

Many thought he was genius, some thought we has a thug, many thought he was a liar, while some thought he was a wannabe.

Different people said and did many things, the Sufi always wrote letters to them and replied to all barbarism. One day he was forced to leave life.

He left behind his great wealth of words in form of books for centuries, he so believed words never die. Feelings are never dry.

Upon his death, his quote was engraved on his grave.


The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.



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