R #AtoZChallenge



The rose was the world, the blooming tales and the one for all. The world unite, the creature were intrigued. The mankind was in deep sleep. The only one awakened were cornered by the societies.The let go attitude of people was converted by the revenge taking souls. The malice and the darkness was spreading. Everyone was in a race. The race for being supremo. Instead of conquering the rose (the heart), people were after wealth. All they do is plot. Round the clock, the money had its own charm and a curse. The rich became more rich while the poor more poor. The food was less than the whole mankind. One side hearts were burnt in name of development, while the medicinal problems were surging. The population and the pollution was also on rise. One of the iceberg at pole collapsed. The war was on the verge. The desperation for separation was being wide. Some started resisting towards the imperialism. But faced strong actions. The hope they left strike the chord on the humanity.

On the other end the preparation was going on. The ET was preparing for the take over on Earth.

All were watching, just watching !

Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.



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