Q #AtoZChallenge



The tiny  full of small dancing particles were the other galaxy which were once Earth like. The song were designed to reach somewhere the outer space. In 100 years it reached there. The extra-terrestrial were surprised to listen it. They started to dissect the electron. Soon they decoded the humans and the mankind. They were also in the same situation like us. But the elements were different. Their evolution and existence were different. They had inherited many great things that were remarkable and knew the SPACE_TIME_ENERGY_LIGHT_DARKNESS more exactly. They have so ahead of mankind that they can shrink space, they can even, pack light, they can disappear into darkness.

SO they sent a message to the mankind !

It took a day to reach to mankind. The higher and the power combine studied the code.

The mankind took a thousand-year to decipher the following code they have sent.

Till then the living were prepared in Queue for the WAR. For Supremacy once again.

Does a drop stay still in the ocean?

Move with the entirety, and with the tiniest particular.



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