P #AtoZChallenge


The Peace was parched. The grain-verse was disturbed. The parched silence was relocated. The mind games was started. So the imaginative minds came forward. They were the people who wanted the peace. The tools were gathered. The mankind started to decide  its own future, The gas in the air was so more destroying. The mankind was dying everyday. The smile was fading. The technology was rampant. Everyone was connected to the virtual world, living split life. The incomplete Life. The dual life. People become more and more close to one another in virtual. Firsts to the city via phone, then to room via mobile, then to the closet via application. The privacy was demanded. The mankind was already slave to mobile and web. The persistent idea for making fake identity raise the concern in the mind of the intelligent species. The far away and the mind of the right doing and wrong were increased.  The EVER REACHING AND CLINGING SOCIAL MEDIA made hump in life. It was so covered that people started to have a layer of duality and to know completely anyone would take  more than a million mile. The persistent effort was made. The technology was not only tensed and gloomed. The door for the space also open. The tiny electronics were flown in a never-ending journey and thus this made the ending of the mankind.

Far from the sun, something exciting and fearsome for mankind was going on.

Daylight, full of small dancing particles and the one great turning, our souls are dancing with you, w/o feet, they dance.



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