O #AtoZchallenge


The Neo-world was the progressive, the mankind was fighting for fighting supremacy and it kept for few thousand years. The Neo-World brought many revolution. The quantity and the  capacity were decided. The live doesn’t matter, the feelings didn’t matter, but there was few stories which needed the special mention. The counting of year was started. All were the number game then. Few people were called the radicals. The groups were formed underground. They were spread among the people. The misfits were executed. The order has to established. The sovereign ruled. Soon people were bored with them. The dynasties were toppled by the people. The mass killing were rampant. The killing with words which were the most important tool was also spread. The love and hate were the tool of the daily people.  The shapes were realized as the power symbol.  Then some odd day at war, the option was used. The option fell on the heart of the Grainverse most passionate planet. Millions died. Tears and bloodshed. The gravel act of tyranny was revealed. The message was clear, join the rat race or get demolished. The big league failed once again. The population was busting, the disease was spreading, the penalty and the pollution for Earth was increasing leaving with no choice.

No option.

The imaginative minds came ahead and asked for the option !


There is a place where voices sing your beauty, A place where every breath carves your image in my soul.



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