N #AtoZChallenge


The age of Neo came into existence. Tools were made and the discoveries were made. The mankind was now more divided. The mankind named everything for simplicity. The Mankind made weapons to conquer, hunt and stay safe. With daily knowledge mankind became more and more conscious and started feeling powerful. The mankind explored everything. The words were created, the scriptures, the understanding and the quest to conquer the land. The mankind was so engulfed, busy in solving the mystery. The mankind become crazy! First they made assumptions and then they questioned the ideology. The mankind started to live together. With time we started to make something which may help to survive. The neo world was new. The body and mind were explored. The sun was same, but the era was different. The mankind was so curious that he wanted to know everything. They started to explore how all the things came into existence. The only problem was that the thread was split into so many component that it was a puzzle to them.

Years went, war fought, machinery were developed to send in the universe to find the one due to which they are there. The wise wrote and the learned read. The words and language was created and the Neo-world started.

Some enlightened wrote and some passed on the treasure.

The era of knowledge out-bleed everything.

The right and wrong were defined.

Somewhere they meet and somewhere they were miles apart!

And on the tombstone of a famous poet and philosopher, they found the following lines!

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.





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