M #AtoZchallenge



One in a million times, stream rock all of sudden came and hit the planets. Some deformed some reshaped. It was a terrible day and the GRAINVERSE around the Sun was under holocaust. The Sun was only helped to drag more and more rocks on the planets. The collision course led to the intense spinning rotation of planets and the planets started revolving around the Sun. In the rock brought white material, some unknown material with it. The time was dark. The impact made a dig into the Earth, and the white fluffy material go settled. It was time, when dark was prevailing on the planet. The planet rotated and the Sun throw the light on the planets. The Earth was no exception. The extra light from the sun started to do some effect on the white material. The Earth was covered in dense white fume. Another rock collided to Young Earth and thus the dense white fumes distributed everywhere. The sunlight again came. The Earth continued rotating, but now with more speed. This spread the white material more evenly on the surface. The mist was thus created. The mist was nothing but the mixture of two elements. The transparent flowing material created mist around the planet. Thus the water came into the known. The Sun light and the rotation were enough capable to spread it all over. The element started combinations of it. One element started reacting with each other. Simple to complex, complex to more complex. The Grainverse was complex at its peak. The Life thus started when the element made complex in billions of year and thus the first of kind. A single entity came into existence. The life thus begins. The single followed the heritage and started making itself complex.  The complexity was so stubborn that slowly it stayed withstand with millions of time destroying and remaking. Each time making itself, near perfect. It went to a long time and slowly things get better, single entity evolved to multiple and thus we the mankind came into existence. The mankind was creature with curiosity and started to explore the Planet


You are searching the world for treasure, but the real treasure is yourself.




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