L #AtoZchallenge



The kvetch didn’t lasted longer. The elements mixed. The rocks collided the grain underwent many changes. In them the mixing was the one prominent one. The sharp became blunt and the blunt became sharp. The soft rock became harder and the harder became soft. The planets were rotating around the young Sun. The Sun was also responsible for melting, sometimes light and sometimes elements that are smaller than the Grain verse. The system was in chaos. The suffer was the pleasure seeker now The grain in form of the rock on closer planets were begging to settle, whereas the planets far from the Sun, were becoming cool. The harmony established as the Sun started to become more stable. Once in its exactness, calm as cool also. The hide and seek of the Light, Matter, Darkness was now over as the GRAINVERSE was being populated, the farther they were going from each other. The simple phenomena were occurring at various places. Make, break repeat. The crushing, the belonging the longevity and love was about to begin.

Love is the vital core of the soul. And of all you see, only love is infinite.



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