A21. #NaPoWrimO

A21. I overheard a speech one day, never heard on the radio, not even in my childhood fantasy, I thought it was a coworker, saying to break the ice, instead they launch verbal, They were jealous of my competence, ability and performance !


A20. #NaPoWrimo

A20. The game of thrones, easy not spare, the wild and shroud, the futile and fragile, the gamble of death, deal with devils, deal with angels, one guards and one kills, and there's knight, Who slays on King's order, till the King reign !  

R #AtoZChallenge

R Rose. The rose was the world, the blooming tales and the one for all. The world unite, the creature were intrigued. The mankind was in deep sleep. The only one awakened were cornered by the societies.The let go attitude of people was converted by the revenge taking souls. The malice and the darkness was spreading. Everyone was … Continue reading R #AtoZChallenge

Q #AtoZChallenge

Q Queue. The tiny  full of small dancing particles were the other galaxy which were once Earth like. The song were designed to reach somewhere the outer space. In 100 years it reached there. The extra-terrestrial were surprised to listen it. They started to dissect the electron. Soon they decoded the humans and the mankind. They … Continue reading Q #AtoZChallenge

P #AtoZChallenge

P The Peace was parched. The grain-verse was disturbed. The parched silence was relocated. The mind games was started. So the imaginative minds came forward. They were the people who wanted the peace. The tools were gathered. The mankind started to decide  its own future, The gas in the air was so more destroying. The … Continue reading P #AtoZChallenge

O #AtoZchallenge

O The Neo-world was the progressive, the mankind was fighting for fighting supremacy and it kept for few thousand years. The Neo-World brought many revolution. The quantity and the  capacity were decided. The live doesn't matter, the feelings didn't matter, but there was few stories which needed the special mention. The counting of year was … Continue reading O #AtoZchallenge