J #AtoZchallenge


JuxtaPose Journey !

The journey of the Sun started!
The rest became the story engraved in time. All remain there. Time was watching it, space was watching it, the planets came into being. The completion took billions of years that collective was of many efforts. many things collapsed, many light came and went, the Sun, enraged Juxtapose many times. the journey has scars in it. The clubbing planets were the descendant of the same GRAIN who was the reason of the chaos around. the planets were the one who felt the juxtapose first every time. Soon in a billions of years, the Sun stabilized except few random things. This helped the setup of the planets to perform and move around the giant Sun. The fierce era which enabled many thing was into forward. The Sun lived and so the planets will. The Journey had lots of up and down. The planets now started accumulating the debris of grains floating around. Everything around was falling into place, like a puzzle. The matter was helping as much as they can between. Everything was so localized that the time scale went so fast. In the coming time, the planets were being the harbor of the life.

But they were not alone! Some place near the Sun, the same thing was also occurring. And some distant star were already passed to this phase and something was whispering loud.

The signs.

Silence is an ocean. Speech is a river. When the ocean is searching for you, don’t walk into the river. Listen to the ocean.



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