I #AtoZchallenge


Be in the same game with other, just at different levels.


The energy played the master stroke. The mass and the matter were divided, depend on the how much energy they can hold and THIS changed the changed. The matter was split and so their new characteristics! The  stars were formed and so the planets were into the pathway. The division made by the energy was so timely that the rock made of the elements formed after so much collision and the division played a lot of difference. The infinitesimal became the finitesimal.  The planets were the collection of the elements and they were primitive, the forces the were about to reign in the new era of the creation and the planets were the one experience the division of the matter. The several elements were already into making into the stars which one existed due to the chaotic elemental population, now started to fuse elements and its started the propagation of light. The space and Time, Energy, Time came into peace at local lever. The echos of the Bang, were still floating. The time went up and up. So the darkness and space decided to continue the race. The grain- has now place called the Verse. The insidious act of energy had a huge impact. The planets were a local process. The planets were everywhere. Every matter on the planet were unique. The Sun in the amidst of all this a lam was lit at somewhere. The shiny universe rejoiced many starts birth, like a kick in the space-time. All were not same. Some stars were small and died as soon as they were born. Some lasted long. Some were quite. As their birth was a event to celebrate, so were their departure. Once elements were converted, fusion stops, the space and time takes over in the sudden absence of energy and Darkness helps to replace the same with better ingredient.  Thus the darkness absent for many, plays a crucial role in the formation.  one of them was the our very own solar system. The Sun came into existence from the very ingredient of the GRAIN. The path was laid were the humanity will eventually come into picture. The matter was divided from the Sun to the different ring around the Sun.

The Sun started its fusion and stabilizes it.  The core of sun keep burning. The light was spread around it. The ring around it collapse and turns into planets. The space and time binds them. The matter fuses. The rotation around  the Universe starts….



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