H #AtoZchallenge


Til one time….

The mass populated that the balance went out and the echo the bang came across the space. The mass gathered at one place, the energy flowed from one another the GRAIN-VERSE at a shell. The lamp which were once lit up started something the fusion started the addition of particles. The space time twitch the mass and fused them, leaving the scar on the space. The energy binded them and light revolved around it. Darkness supplied the “Unknown” energy and thus the fusion started, some the lamps with elements were started. This released the shock to the SPACE-TIME and thus the new forces came into existence which governed the large lamps. The process spread all over the space and thus the lamps. The lamps were called ‘Stars’ the proud inherit of the GRAIN. The nucleade released the energy but the space time was required to for its travel. Thus the UNIVERSE came into the existence. The small clusters were form and they have all the packet of light they released nearby, but as the GRAIN and the darkness being into constant motion, they were actually moving far away from each other. The distance was light. Soon the light also seemed to be slower than the motion of the universe. The elements and mass continued the population. The elements now started to have their own characteristics. The property changed with mass and thus this gave Light an egde over mass. The particles were so spread that the some were also stated the interchange between the mass and energy. The light once left, there was darkness. The space were it was present was lit up. The story goes on. The war at MACRO scale as going on and then the energy played a stroke.

The honour stroke !

Let us be silent so we can hear Him calling us secretly in the night.


This post is written for #AtoZchallenge


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