G #AtoZchallenge



The elements soon started to dominate. They started to conversion. The energy into the mass and mass into the energy again. The space was populated with the matter. The first ever Gruesome act. The mass dominated the space-time-energy-light. Those who was against the joining the elemental camp, was left behind, the light choose to to be mass less that’s why it has to run every-time, to avoid the mass camp. The play as such that the light become the widespread. To be anonymous, light split itself into different zones called packets.  Light was backed by Energy, so the light was also on motion. The energy was dissolved into each and everything. Its a kind of disappearing act. The mass got more populated. The formation need more particles that can interact and react. SO the few hideous particles were created. The mass knew that the Light and Energy were important, so mass organised its structure such that the light and energy was weaved into the SPACE and TIME twitch. The interlacing was so hard that for over zillion of time spent, no one will ever solve the GRUE act of mass. The mass now dominate the space where once the energy ruled. The time being virtual supported all. Time has nothing to loose. Time was independent and will be forever, so being humble paid. The mass started the gathering and as matter gather the light, the lamps were started to lit up. The GRAIN entered into a new era called the “Organisation”. The mass grouped the particles and allowed the conversion from light into more mass in the trade of light and energy.  This went on.  Till the one time…


Now be silent. Let the One who creates words speak. He made the door, He made the lock, He also made the key.


This post is written for the #AtoZchallange



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