F #AtoZChallenge



The bang occurred and the genesis started. The remains of grain spread. There was no more the individual entity and thus they were parted. The ego subsided as the power lost. New forces were born and so the whole system were populated. The survival of the fittest were carried out. Soon the stars were also in line to start the accumulation and fuel themselves. The synthesis was also being laid up. The new members were hybrid and the thus the in the middle of these, energy made appearances into particles. Sometimes singular and sometime multiple ones. The more energy, the more heavier it is. The particles who where inherited the GRAIN came into existence. As the survival of anything large was not possible, they went to the smallest size possible. They started from Darkness, then light, they felt that in darkness, no matter has mass, but as soon as they come in light they have to have mass that they can hold some energy. The energy was enormous, so the process was difficult. The particles were also split, some decided to stay in the dark. Some of them came out and thus the GRAIN-VERSE was populated with the elements. The elements who were soon into the formation of something extra-ordinary. The twitch of space time was into action. ย Soย Farouche started.


Know then that the body is merely a garment. Go seek the wearer, not the cloak.




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