A10 #NaPoWrimo

A10. The most caring, the most beloved, the one who prays, one woh always stays in heart, Better or worse, things so roug or tough, When life seems falling apart, The one who shares God's power, Shines the Light on child always, SO blessed to get, Mother mine.


A9 #NaPoWrimo

A9. A nine line poem, siting mind like a rolling, had a cup of tea, evening snacks, what a Sunday that spent so well, brought family together, lined up all in Queen's presence, to meet her and Greet her, and pray for her well being, to wish, May Long Live The Queen.   

A8 #NaPoWriMo

A8. Ring my bell, ring my bell, Sometimes you ring; sometimes you don't, Sometime you don't and makes worried a lot, Don't try to hide it, your make me tense, Like we are playing kinda, hide and seek, Never stay away from me, Never, stop talking and hang up the phone, in tension, ring my … Continue reading A8 #NaPoWriMo