Emerge #AtoZchallenge


Grain reached to a solution, a solution which can shake his very own existence. Grain was not able to unite all seven individual entities. The seven entities were Grain, Darkness,Background, Light,Time, Space and Energy. Time was passing but the situation was the same, stagnant. Thus one moment, the grain called everyone. All came except two odds, Darkness and Background. They were more spread than grain thought of it and so they were exempted. But they both were constantly aware of whats going on. In last meeting they shared that the meeting and visits by Light,Time, Space and energy. That may have affected the Grain’s decision but who knows. All came. They had a talk. GRAIN then called everyone to come closer. They came closer. As soon as GRAIN felt them, GRAIN emerge and EXPLODED. The GRAIN EXPLODED. The explosion was so huge, that it engulfed all.  This leads many consequences. The GRAIN was already aware of it. The explosion was known as Bang. The explosion was so loud and terrific that the Background had a permanent imprint with it. The Darkness merged with background and so they united too. The space was far spread with time. The SPACE-TIME combined. The Light-Energy combined. The new event was registered and SPCAE-TIME-LIGHT-ENERGY combined too.  They were so together that made grain to move. The Grain explosion led to the pieces of GRAIN into very fine particles. The GRAIN was spread and lost in space-time. Every GRAIN went out with SPCAE-TIME-LIGHT-ENERGY. That means GRAIN has space, it was registering Time, a light to carry with and Energy which is inherited because of all three others. The GRAIN sacrificed his existence for the combination of the four.  Soon after they combined, the natural balance was collapsing. So they made decisions and came as fast as furious. For billions and billions of years this will be remembered. GRAIN was on a voyage now. What seriousness it brings, let’s have a role.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.




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