Distribution #AtoZchallenge


Till then…….the demand for distribution as raised as a collective effort.

The debris was accumulated in space. The race has just begun. All the primitives were abundant, reluctant and were overflowing with thoughtlessness. The Grain was stretched to very extreme between these super powers who subordinated him once. The true character of a person is known when he is benefitted with all power. Then the demand of distribution was raised by Light, ENREGY, Space and Time. GRAIN called everyone to talk about the distribution. The talk went smooth and no one agreed to the proposal led by the Grain. So as a result, they decided to split up and look at their own end. The background was unhappy so was the darkness. The darkness had a fear that it has to vanish if light will there all the time. And background knew the hardest consequences. The big boom. The region was already so cool to live all these, then going for distribution meant the more power adding and leading to unwanted situations, but their only concern was the GRAIN and the effect he has to bear, the GRAIN was not happy either. Distribution may lead them to love each other as the GRAIN was in, when alone. Soon they found that due to the implosion, they have to dependent on each other for simple tasks and this added more fuel. Dependency. The more they wanted to distribute things and separate, more they were brought together. So is the thought to distribute and separate. Light, SPACE ,TIME and Energy went to the Background one by one and raised the issue, but all they got was consolation and staying together forever, without distribution. The state of tense was dense now. The thought repelled and meetings bend. One thing, lead to another. Every day, Each day the thought of getting distribution was intensified. The meetings gradually slowed. The time lagged, space twitched, energy fused, Light confined and GRAIN was watching all over this. He decided to come to the solution, a solution which can release his very existence.

So what may be that! A tough decision or passing by.

Stay tuned.


 but to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.




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