A6 #NaPoWriMo


A twenty something lady,
told me pretty words,
caught my eyes looking,
over hers.
She had eyes,
those wide eyes,
has a leaf shaped edges,
one that look into soul directly.
And a curl of black hair,
strings of hair, like wind trapped,
pantomime for me and
thus I looked.
A lady and me a gentleman,
could we be, a couple?
She is nature’s epitome,
Am gentle, and a listener spring.
When she looked,
flared the beauty on me,
Or am I beholding the gracious moment,
Β she said something to me?
breath froze like ice on window,
Have I crossed something,
while looking at her,
thoughts may swing the trace of possibility,
And #Love stayed in my mind yet,
Will she leave, if I confess,
They say, “Birds Migrate”, but she must stay,
to enlighten my mind, my body and soul.


I call it 7 ways to discover life in love. Each one is something deciphered in it. Let me know what you feel !

Love and Light.
Masoom Jethwa.


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