Clouds #AtoZchallenge


The moment each leap forwarded gave rise to the TIME.

Time, SPACE and ENERGY met first ! Time created the boundaries virtually , space created the boundaries physically and Energy created was used to meet these to extremes on inside and outside.  Grain was imploded into the grain verse. The chaos has been set up. The background was very far in space and grain was way too far. The very essence darkness wanted that it should no longer be able to control the GRAIN was setup. But being around the grain was possible as it was the carpet on which GRAIN expanded. The GRAIN now started to feel the creation of energy, time and SPACE. The GRAIN used energy to move out more in SPACE. The darkness as looped spread out even more. The energy created inside it also increased. This happened for a short time. The SPACE, TIME and ENERY were three so, they mixed up and with the help of GRAIN, and they created the first beam called LIGHT. Now Darkness wanted to be always possession of the GRAIN, but with Light, Things got changed. Light enable GRAIN to see what is in the space, it was his debris, in SPACE. Light also helped the GRAIN to see how much time it reaches to the end and comes back from the space around. The GRAIN became fond of the Light, so do the time energy and Space. The GRAIN now has the family leaving the background and the Darkness behind. The grain started its journey. The Journey called Verse. The journey of GRAIN became the GRAIN-VERSE.

The debris of the Grain implosion became as the cloud, prehistoric. The relation between the Light, Space, TIME, Energy and GRAIN changed. The Light wanted to see through the space and time, the space allowed but time and energy didn’t . The Space wanted to fill the debris of GRAIN with some filled objects but Energy and Light didn’t agree. The Time wanted to get independent of the Light and Energy but didn’t got its feature. The energy on the other hand wanted Light and SPACE work with Time and lead as supermecy. But no one agreed. With the time passing, each one including GRAIN got more intense and intense.

Till one moment, then….


Participating in A to Z April blogging challenge !


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