Background #AtoZchallenge

The source is within you. And this whole world is springing from it.

The grain was shifted. The space started to shrink. The contraction inside and the contraction outside.  The grain was now pulled and pushed. Something emerged out of the nothingness and the darkness. The solid yet invisible, the solver yet unsolved mystery, the energy yet unknown and most importantly the existence of the dark, it was emerged to support the grain, yet to be unknown. The force was unknown and so was its potential. One thing was sure that the grain was about to evolve. The event was called background. The first change the force brought was contraction. The grain was held under so much pressure and compactness. This changed the grain. Initially the Grain resisted but then the GRAIN undergo the contraction. Soon the GRAIN was compressed and contracted below his capacity, he blasted. The sonic boom. The blast was so huge that it started the infinite space, for billions of years its blast went on and in a fraction of the GRAIN volume increased infinite times. The existence of the GRAIN increased multi-fold. The GRAIN became so large that it has to lose something integral. The energy  started to flow out of the grain. The pain GRAIN underwent was successful. The background knew already about the event. So as a cover the background increased its cover around the GRAIN infinite, looping the grain. More the GRAIN increases, more the blanket or background stretched itself. This way the SPACE of born. The ENERGY which helped the expansion of GRAIN was born. The moment each leap forwarded gave rise to the TIME. Time SPACE and ENERGY met first !


What will happen next! Stay Tuned !


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