A2 #NaPoWriMo

A2)  With love and devotion, I stayed with, Worked at night and day, Stayed without you, Saving my money, For a true love, because i love, Our mixing and outing, like we make each other cry, Slow eating to stare bye, munching more to pass smiles, These are my hearts' delight, When we brought two … Continue reading A2 #NaPoWriMo


A1 #NaPoWriMo

A1. Dreaming a while, In a minute, Like flash of decade, Asking for a rain, Asking for a minute, Want to confess all, to cease a stare of yours, Crossing the room, To be honest and one more time, and sieze the moment, One last time, we make love, But ceiling blows up, A fire … Continue reading A1 #NaPoWriMo