About #AtoZchallenge


This is the post “About ” the Grainverse.

Grainverse is a story about a grain.

There was nothing here. And Nothing means nothing. There was emptiness and dark all around. It seemed that nothing. No time, No space, No movement. Just grain. Nothingness was prevailing. But there was nothing to note what is actually prevailing. The darkness, like an infinite string was spread in an infinite! Nothing except grain was there. The grain was floating, just floating. There was nothing to pull, nothing to collide. And in the darkness nothing was the only thing. The grain was totally having randomness. It was there, but no one can tell the time, might be billions of years it came into being, and for other billions of years it started from somewhere, for more billions of years the grain just stood still. The GRAIN was not lost, not found, because there was nothing except the grain itself. There was no one to find the grain, there was no place in infinite to get lost into it. For time to pass, no one counted how much time GRAIN was actually was there (no-w-here) how many time scales it crossed over, how time was for the grain. In nothingness, even time is unknown. So was the Grain in the Grainverse.  This GRAIN might be the one, or simply it will fail, But the grain has been floating around. The time will be defined by it, or may be the grain is something that will be time itself. There’s nothing about the grain, neither about its surrounding as its all empty, dark and undefined.

This is ABOUT the grain.

Ever been there! Let me know in the comment box.


11 thoughts on “About #AtoZchallenge

  1. I don’t know if it’s good or bad to be in the grainverse, but definitely everyone has been or will be that grain at some point of time and escaping from it would be the goal. Good work.

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