A to Z theme reveal

Good morning Friends !

If you are reading this you are alive and awesome !
With this post I am announcing my theme for this year’s A to Z April challenges !
A to Z is a full month blogging activity which reveals the ideas we weave around the April month.
I’d the theme with me for a long time, but I thought to post it as scheduled but I am late!
With a less time, I am out for a while but I am sure this activity will be fun!

My theme for this year is the

. . .



. . .

Yes you read it right. i call my theme as GRAINVERSE. Its a symbolic theme for the verses of grain and a story weaved around it.

We will see the phases of the theme with upcoming days and a schedule is shown below.  The Grainverse is we, Grainverse is what we have now and Grainverse will also be a reflection what we can do ! The center of the theme will be closely attached to celebration of life !

I hope you will read and share it with others!

#atozchallengeLetter dates rev.png

This is it for now.  Let me know whatyou think of the theme, comments, suggestions are welcome !

For more details, click here !

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Till the next great time,

Love and Light,
Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.


14 thoughts on “A to Z theme reveal

  1. I think I’ll have to see one or two before I understand what you’re doing, but that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? I look forward to seeing what you do.

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