If it rained ??

If it ever rained,
will you be the cloud,
to shower upon me,
Like first rain of season,
Like You stole my breaths,
And to meet you I go extreme,
Oh I still remember that scene,
tears running down your cheeks,
Your soul wanting me,
love falling at HIS feet,

When you have to leave,
like killin me, and you keep mute,
guessing you’re not fit for me,
In you and me,
you chose yourself,
you have risks and sides to follow,
like parents won’t allow or relatives.

No, No, No,
Atleast you have asked your heart,
Feel my pain at once, before burning letters,
or struggle and your rationale;
That’s nice,i got the side.

If it ever rained ? you might have Realized ?
If you have another dimension,
where life is scarcity,
chances are less,
and wind dries the even humid heart,
If you were there and if it had rained ???

Wouldn’t have you waited me,
till the world ends,
felt that passing every moment,
No dream, no path, no substitute,
miles away, no clouds,
Still honey, ever if it rained ?
Can you forget ?

Celebrate Breakingbad, Celebrate Life!
Masoom Jethwa


3 thoughts on “If it rained ??

  1. Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award! Keep Writing! Here is the link -https://theglittersoflife.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/blogger-recognition-award/

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