Fine speckle.

This march, I sow the some seeds of a plant. The plant is called Tulsi. 

Those small beads are shown in the image here. 

Seeds on clay

The fine speckle of seeds, and the shine of the moonlight. I wish to march,

Shine on me pls. 

Celebrate Shine, Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.


6 thoughts on “Fine speckle.

  1. Tulsi plant must have for many reasons in a household; i tried to have it many a times but squirrels & sparrows never let it grow….. i believe they love it more than me.
    Nice post…. fine speckle

  2. I havent been able to grow Tulsi successfully; everytime it dies – I used to feel like a failure at something important. I stopped growing them; instead have tonne of its Italian cousin – Basil plants in my house 😉

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