A to Z theme reveal

Good morning Friends ! If you are reading this you are alive and awesome ! With this post I am announcing my theme for this year's A to Z April challenges ! A to Z is a full month blogging activity which reveals the ideas we weave around the April month. I'd the theme with … Continue reading A to Z theme reveal


guest post by Nadaan ~ things I’ve learned From Photographing the World Around me.

Photography has been my hobby since times immortal. To me, photographs are a reflection of the true version of the world. They show us the world as it actually is, not as we wish it to be. Spending time exploring the world has taught me a lot about it, the people who inhabit it, and … Continue reading guest post by Nadaan ~ things I’ve learned From Photographing the World Around me.

If it rained ??

If it ever rained, will you be the cloud, to shower upon me, Like first rain of season, Like You stole my breaths, And to meet you I go extreme, Oh I still remember that scene, tears running down your cheeks, Your soul wanting me, love falling at HIS feet, When you have to leave, … Continue reading If it rained ??


The 9th day of the March.  The ground was set up, the battle had a cause, rangers and soldiers came to field. The wind blew with the siren of the engagement. The warriors yelled a cry out. The grip on the assault weapon firmed. The death started circulating. The hunger for victory soared, the clouds … Continue reading 9th

March #ahead

In the month of January and February, the words went up. The consumption of the words are done. The light has arrived and the phoenix is on the rise. The words that will bloom and soon their meaning will be revealed and this will be accompanied with some solid action. More Love and Light in … Continue reading March #ahead

Daughter Vs Mother ~ A guest Post.

Life is so funny it gives you back what you do.   This Woman's day my tribute to all wonderful mothers of this world !! Well, I mentioned this post as Daughter Vs Mother, it's not about the fight between two beautiful creature of the God, but it's 2 faces of a single woman whose life … Continue reading Daughter Vs Mother ~ A guest Post.


An affair, In my city, using the information, Best I all remember, There's some one here, With no mess and no, Curse with chocolate, She's a gold digger,  Me, a Bobby trigger, An affair, that can mess  With our reputation, It's more than a game, Of truth or dare, She's pompous, Cinderella, I am cool … Continue reading Affair