Be here all day, and
Been here all night,
My all, got it side to side.
We have targeted them,
they have told me to hate,
I think about nothing,
Why i should give it up,
My words dont tangle,
my feelings dont mess,
A run pop, they have bad repute,
Beyond your imaginations,
but It was a shadow to life,
Afraid, my self of taking aim,
they taught me good in bad,
And when i sprinkled water,
I was in a deep dream,
Caused a drowning effect,
The people faded, so the faiths,
I was left with words,
I never spoke to myself.
Celebrate Chaos, Celebrate Life.

You are raised, to be the Greatest. Rise. Be wild, young and free. πŸ˜‡

Picture credit: @Google 


10 thoughts on “F17

  1. Chaos in your life is something to celebrate!
    Why is that?
    Well, because everything in life is a wave, a frequency, a pattern and 9 times out of 10 chaos, confusion and major resistance is what comes up RIGHT BEFORE a breakthrough.

  2. But it’s true. We think that when chaos, confusion and resistance come that we need to back down, but the opposite is true. It is in moments like those, where if we stay just a little bit longer – the tide will turn.

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