The first time in the month of Love,

I had a fever, 

But the mind.says..

The F16 speed is well known in fighter planes. I need that speed to be the best.

When I was a kid, I used to read the article of defence and planes and helicopter and the I turned to science and then planetary atmospheres. Life is all about the switch. Fever sneezing cold are.common and sometimes make us realise that the extra strain we are putting on our own setup, is out-of-control and body needs rest. In that time you can replenish your thoughts, the words spoken, the smile passes, the enemy in Friends, the friends who are with you, the one who just pretend to be, the solicitors who always make things easier, the guards which saves us, and those random question that comes to mind, either real or imaginary, the plots the schemes, the tough part is to let all go and rest, that peace amongst the chaos is Zen. 

So fever = rest today.

Celebrate Pain, celebrate Life. 

Masoom Jethwa.


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