I <3 my Blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Jaibala, and
Today being a part of blogbuddy,  I am writing this post.
The day which brings smile, joy and wealth of emotions.
The day where everything is celebrated and being in such
a team is overwhelming. I remember bad things that happened
in the team, I mentioned and thats it.
In this shady and clowny world where people are so
self centered I got a team who actually read (excluding few) my blog.
But this is not a post to say things about people, but this post is to celebrate my blog. My blog started in mid year when I returned from a journey.
A blog is a journey. A team is a journey.
To my team, do write more often.

To my team, whom i discussed a lot and sorry for keeping your notification in APP. Blogchatter is nice to host this blogbuddy program.
I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Ruchi.

Thanks for reading.



10 thoughts on “I <3 my Blog

  1. So true Masoom, it is a journey a long and sometimes a difficult one. What makes it so special is everyone coming together and celebrating each moment like it comes. Just like we are doing today.

  2. I know right? Blogbuddies push us and make us go that extra mile to take care of our blog and eventually when we look back we realize that we love our blog a lot and that happened coz of our blogbuddies and blogchatter 🙂

  3. Woah, what? In simpler terms, we have an infinite number of thoughts running through our head each day. Some of them rich, some of them empty, and some that we should probably never talk about. The point is, the thoughts that really hold any kind of value, the thoughts that could benefit others if they were exposed to them, easily get lost in the foray. Having a blog allows you to get these thoughts down on paper (assuming you actually jot them down and blog about them). This means that the thought isn’t forgotten 10 seconds later, but almost becomes something you can hold on to.

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