Dear Lapy

I am thankful to you for being with me for such a long time. The world would have been unimaginable if you were not just there. Today I just want to say I really love you and your companionship. The joy is collateral. How to start! Uff, it’s tough but, I remember that it was 2006 when I saw you. Along with you there were several others, but the magical lights like aurora and symmetrical metallic design hooked me up. The keypad travel and its feedback with click, the robust hinge and portable 14 inch True Bright display is just precious. The air vent and all input/output ports are helpful to me even today. I liked to carry you as a part of mine. With you I was able to understand music. The sound quality of speaker as well as headphones are still the same, top of the notch. I remember the digital media once I used to create when I was a media apprentice. I also used DJ music application, with went all well. As time grew, I started to practice the next big thing in life.


The magnificent keyboard which has lasted for a decade. My words were never less for you when I typed. The screen is considered the face value of laptop, its still intact. I am so in love with Dear lapy.  I sstill remember when I carry around when the heat emitting fan blade were broken. I like a parent run for their child. I days, rainy or windy you stood by me.  Though I never used to write anything for my past valentines, but I still remember the sleepless night I spend hours reading ebooks  and completing my assignments and  reports. You were there when I had coffee while studying. The journey was not simple. There were many instances when I left you unattended. Lapy, you were there when my concepts were not clear. I also thank you lapy as I won various elocution and oral presentations with you. You are a gem in life.  Many people ask me that why I praise my lapy, I reply them that in a world where people changes with time, its the one who stood my time. I love my lapy the most. My blog, My readrin buddy, my art companion, my digital diary, my quote collector, my store room, my planner, my coding buddy, my favorite musician, my mood changer, my photos store and my e- library.  You are all i need.

The post image is my lapy, flaunting two badges for my contribution. left one is for python language and right one is Mozilla Firefox.

Do let me know your thoughts in comment box.

‘I am writing this post towards #MagicOfLove contest by Novemberschild


9 thoughts on “Dear Lapy

  1. I must admit that I couldn’t live without my laptop. It’s just so useful! Nowadays, it’s pretty much essential to have a home computer, and certainly extremely useful. I’d never go back to having a desktop computer, as I dislike the way that they dominate a room.

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