February Post

The monthly round-up post !

The sunrises and days shines the wounds rinses.

Dear lovely reader,

If you are reading this, trust me You are awesome. The January has ended. For few around us, its a month only. But as a 2017 startup, it has a brought a huge difference in me. The bouy in me started spinning and whirling words. I means I have taken the writing to a next level. I have started the writing for self. A remorse project. I  have came back on the social media for the better sake. The exile is over. The back is overwhelmed by the community. The January taught the word “Rework” in my portfolio. But I think it always helps to get a chance to improve yourself.A Life where work is worshiped and dedication towards work ins deep inside heart is bloomed. Well world let me tell you January was harsh. The work exceeded the board. With little fear and patient attitude, the work was reworked. The destiny needs to sharpen my skills. In the last week, a treatment came followed by test. Treatment was successful and test was passe (securing 94% ). I needed 95% to get along. I have determined and I will become stronger better and be back. Smile ahead as the February has arrived. Its a season for love. But being single has its own benefits. A wise person said, its better to be alone than in struggling relation. Life goes on. As a matter of fact, I saw someone who was quite unique, I melted, the songs started playing, but in the next moment, I was saved from an apocalypse. God, whats that, some friends quoted this as special, but I am clueless. what will happen next ? I have started the Masoom 2.0 of the deep learning I am pushing the practice and meditation o the board. Music is new tool to soothe the soul. Reading next !  Come what may, I will give my best !

Till next time,

Celebrate Love, Celebrate Life.
~ Masoom Jethwa


23 thoughts on “February Post

  1. Sometimes you have to step back from what you are to discover who you can become. All the best for the new beginning Masoom.

  2. While music has long been recognized as an effective form of therapy to provide an outlet for emotions, the notion of using song, sound frequencies and rhythm to treat physical ailments is a relatively new domain.

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