In moments of despair?

I may not see the Far-side,

If you still hold my hand,

walking with you may not be my trait,

come to me please and fast

so that we can we talk slow,

To start a conversation, just with me?

Will you be me serendipity?

Will you trust me ?

I am crazy and I talk less,

Because I am in love with you,

like opposite poles of magnet do,

My heart is falling for you,

And last
do tell me and visit my dark side.


Image credit: Google

Thing sometime go wild and out of control. The moment we turn off ourselves from the truth, and decide to go to the far-side. But then it takes love to come back and tell us the truth in the moment required.

Think of the time when you decided to shut off. What you do of come from far-side? D you ask someone? or let it be! comment in the box below. Because some Moments are hard to forget.

Let me know your serendipitous stories ! linking to blogchatter



23 thoughts on “FarSide

  1. Sometimes it is just easy to shut off and surrender to the far side. I guess it is necessary too. For that is where you find what you truly want and desire.

  2. Masoom your photo is just awesome. Yes, we need loving ones around to bring back happiness in our despair times. And the sad moments are also important in life so that we feel thankful when we are happy again

  3. Cutting yourself off involves being sure about your reasons to do so. You will need to eliminate contact with other people, even loved ones. Cutting yourself off is a drastic move, and not to be taken lightly. Think carefully if this action will accomplish what you hope it will accomplish. Then start dropping out of communications and social events, and start relying solely on yourself.

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