Forgive the fallen

Which has faded early,

Shallow and swollen,

Those words that bite,

Pity those hearts,

Whose line of emotions,

Falleb, has fallen.


Sometimes we feel that some words should be avoided  as much as possible.

Not because we are weak or strong,

But it’s our ability to maintain what we should.  Some absurd people with loose tounge always prove that they are mighter because of their position, holdings or just by looks. These should be avoided. They should be given a chance to heal and we should collaborate more to help those. Those are the pity person. They need support, stand and correct them.

All should be given mercy equally.

What will you do if someone spew out and mess unnecessarily or is not sporting spirit? One of my friend slapped someone who did something like this. ?

What is your opinion on this?

Celebrate support, Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.

Simple Indian Mom

12 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. Thank you for Linking up for #HappySunday in my blog. When someone is really getting under your skin, we have a tendency to think extensively about why that person is doing so. You think of all the ways they are inconveniencing you, how annoying they are and you’re just waiting for them to do the next annoying thing that will throw you over the edge and when they finally do, you’re like, aha, I told myself so. It perpetuates the cycle. Likewise, realize that people can’t read your mind. Most of the time, annoying people don’t know they are annoying. You don’t have to be rude, but people won’t know you don’t like something until you tell them.

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