​This Post is impromptu for the smell we get in the way of the travelling.

Fragrance of flower

I am traveling and the vehicle was stopped at the petrol pump. The aura of petroleum products came to me. I feel like I am I. Another world of fragrances. I came to the stop and step down from the vehicle. The nearby shop owner was making some sweets and frying snacks out of ghee. I smelled and inhaled all. Next came the Pan corner who was applying the ingredients of Pan and making one. The smell of Katha, masala and aura of Sopari make the best thing. The reputation of Pan maker is saved. Next came the flowers shop. The roses were organic and their fragrance made the devil inside me pious again. The smell of roses purified and washed all malice I faced today. I was wondering what a magic  the sense of smell is. Lastly after the best thing of the day occurred. It so happened that I crossed a park.THE PARK  has the flower called RaatRaani which blooms and spread fragrance at night.  I melt. My eyes were filled with the soft smell around.

All I did was sit at a bench at the park, and wrote a small poem…

The  reason YOU are
Around in reality,

Allowed me to feel Soul,

Met the other, in dwelling,

Each other’s love,

As fragrance,

Takes time to become,

Better than notion,

Always on mind, 

We smell the flowers

Blooming buds Together.

I love you,

 your soul, 

your madness, 

your smile and

even your shadow.

#Love #companionship 

What fragrance you encounter daily? How do you react to them ? 

Celebrate Flow, Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.


11 thoughts on “Smell

  1. “your soul,
    your madness,
    your smile and
    even your shadow.”

    Powerful! You succeeded in capturing more senses with these lines.

    I am a big one for smells. I am always aware of them anywhere I am, and the feelings/emotions/memories they generate.

    Thanks for the article. It’s a reminder for people to slow down, be aware, live in the moment.

      1. It was a beautiful read for sure! You have such a sweet heart Masoom! Such a positive space you share here with us all I love it so thank you for that! 🙂 ❤

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