It is raw,

First type of love,

Like karaoke lyrics,

Fighting Flames,

Shooting stars,

Wasting Colors,

Fallen apart,

Still together

This feeling is all,

Going till,

Smoke follows,

We know,

We’ll face each other,

Bounds of reputation,

Healing life,

Been together,

With days and nights,

Till heart beating,

Chasing dreams.

This feeling,

Every thing is,

Right till might.

Thanks for the amazing gifts. #Deedee

Two wonderful books and a diara. I name it Reliza. I celebrate pages where I pour my words with love.

Celebrate Writing, Celebrate Life.

Masoom Jethwa.


56 thoughts on “Know

      1. No matter where we are in this world the sun and moon will rise and fall
        There will always be new beginnings and endings
        What we do in those times
        defines who we are and shows what’s in ours hearts ๐Ÿ’• and minds
        May your journey in this life prove
        To be powerful ..happy and true
        Love your self always and
        share your love with others daily
        You will have endless blessings
        When you give of your time ..energies and soul freely
        Have an awesome day or night where ever you may be in this world ๐ŸŒŽ

  1. Honestly, I love gift-giving. I will eagerly anticipate that moment when a gift I searched high and low for is grasped by the receiver. I want the whole world to stand still while I watch them tear the paper. I wait with bated breath for the gleam of recognition in their eyes. I live for the joy I see spread on their faces once they realize what that precious package contains. In that moment, I know they feel the love that accompanies that gift. I know it makes them happy. And even if that happiness lasts for that 1 millisecond. I love gift-giving because I am in search of โ€œthat moment.โ€

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