And then the angle smiled !


Often it occurs that we live in a monotonous work-life balance scenario, where the most dominant feeling is to meet the deadline. Sometime you propose to meet, sometime you meet and mostly you miss it. In this small rat race kinda feature, we see angels around. These angels spread positive energy around us. Have you ever noticed those smiles? IN this world, if are unhappy, we try to avoid the charm of the bloom. That one smile, that one face. Whomsoever it may be. But it spreads the Light around us. I see many faces that smiles around. The one that are due to us gives a ting sound like a bell icon in our smartphones. We are in a world where such simple joys are not celebrated. They are overlooked as a sign of confidence. We are in a horde who wants to plan everything, who wants a system, who wants regularity and make a structure. And in between all of these 99.9% of life, we miss that 0.1% that brings the bundle. It is smile for me, it may be something else for you. It may be some kind of attention. But we all have that angel which heals and which works silently.

Give it a thought ! Please comment your valuable thoughts that come to your mind.
Do you have an angel? What will you do if angel smile back to you?

Life is a gift.

Celebrate moments, Celebrate Life.



14 thoughts on “Angel

  1. What a lovely post! For me giving my smile away to as many people that walk past is healing, it almost always brings them to smile back and its just a sometimes silent exchange that instantly makes me feel beautiful and stays with me truly all day! 😀 Thank you Masoom for asking!

  2. O Little angel O little angel
    from tranquil galaxy of rebirth
    coming through milky sky ways
    to land on the human earth

    angel distributes wonderful gifts
    to all human beings on the earth
    preaches us all lesson of peace
    and says make it living worth

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