Hello friends, This post is dedicated to all my reader friends. I wish this new year brings more book to you and your Bookshelf.

Goodreads   if you are an active bookreader/booktuber.

GoodReads is a great way to keep book reading in perfect way. From shelf to friends, status to review everything is available to discuss books. There are group where people discuss books. The seamless integration with all major social platforms and blog is also available. The ease of use and simple UI is the major advantage. 😊Do check it out. I am sure you will enjoy the journey. ☺

My bookish network, that was and aalways will be. 😊 You can add me there.
Happy 2017  Happy reading.

The books are back in life. The more sorte and amplifying. With the exit of social media I get time to read books I love the most. Most of us take resolution to read more and more. But I think I must read qualitatively. Being a Writer and Reader it’s the duty of reading apt materials. A good book is better than a good friend in every perspective. I love holidays and leisure reading. Thanks to the power cousins network, good books are always discussed. The rich environment of readers are always appreciated. Every second person in home when reads, it’s obvious. Reading is life so are the books. 


 In the setting new year 2017, I wish you read good books. You discuss more books and if possible write one too. 😉 

Please share what/which book or genre you are reading curently?

If you are having a plan to read, then also please comment whats on your shelf!

Celebrate reading, Celebrate Life !


11 thoughts on “Reader

  1. Religion/faith-based reads are on my bookshelf to read right now! Specifically the Diary of St. Faustina. For whatever reason, I’ve never gotten in to Goodreads. But, perhaps if I begin to read more, I will be more inclined to update my Goodreads…!

  2. I love GoodReads 🙂 I am reading “The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers” by Daniel L. Schacter 🙂 Happy reading to you 🙂

  3. Oh to exit social media, how exciting for you! Truly it was one of my best decisions ever made! Over a year now and my artwork has filled up the space. I have never been happier! I even have hope now Masoom to read books! Something I have always been too distracted to let myself do. I wonder do you have any suggestions for me, I am in love with the sky and stars, planets and anything weird of unexplained phenomenon. non-fiction 🙂 hope you have had a great day friend!

  4. It’s another year folks and that means another chance to get through my older physical books! I complain at the beginning of every year that I want less clutter and more space! So this year I’m going to be focusing on interesting books. No ARCs or digital books count for this challenge. Just pure, old fashioned TBR pile physical books. My goal? may be 15 books, not more and purely personal reading.

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