Good morning ☀

Hello friends,

A hot cup of brew Tea or Coffee can give you motivation. I was awake at 5:30am. And then I decided to GIVE it a shot. The cold winter is here. Temp are falling. But a really good brew has lot to offer. The new year has kicked in so there are many kind of work at a time. The solution is to get more. A lot of ideas come up.a lot of things involved in sipping the wisdom.😋😛

Get more in terms of connection. Get more in terms of people get more in terms of life’s hidden treasures. Many times we hesitate and loose. This is the time we should say what we want and we should do what we like. More in terms of quality. I can give an example.For last 30days I am trying more to get the bus to work and daily recording the same time. And I have read that if you persue anything for 30days you can make a habit for it.😀 

Now everybody at work asks me how did I do it. I say them the trick. Then comes the sun. The Sun is also my inspiration. The sunis full of energy. So this post is written while I am waiting for sun to rise.this will finish my walk. 

Children are ready to go to school, the people are coming for.walk. the milk store are opening and street lights fading. The birds are chirping and playing from tree to tree. Some teenagers are coming for walk. Some elderly people are doing yoga while a group of people enjoying laughing club at some corner. I can hear the their laugh. The life is this. The morning is best time. I am also able to listen chants of Shree Krishna bhajan playing at a distance. The aura is filled with energy and so is the winter. 
Breakfast, aha it will be done soon.

Sunrise….. Wuhu. ☀☀☀☀

So what’s your daily dose of morning ? Please mention it in comment box. 

Love and Light.

Masoom Jethwa.


21 thoughts on “Good morning ☀

  1. I drink green tea in the morning once in a while, but it’s not an essential to me. Getting up early, breathing deep and a healthy breakfast help me face the day and help prepare me to create good habits. 🙂

  2. Good ol’ cup of coffee – or, oddly enough, a nice big glass of cold water! Either way, the routines are nice to have, but I enjoy the lazy starts to my day. Because, I know once the kiddos are up, the craziness will be going down until they go to sleep at night!

  3. Oh, i feel crazy too when I start my day. Loud and rock music soothe the day and in the nights instrument and vocal helps a lot. I am still a kid for my mom though! 😛
    I dont like routine mostly !

  4. I’m so glad to discover your blog, Masoom! This is such a warm and inspiring post. Winter is rough on people here in the Pacific NW–cold, rain, gray skies. But my morning coffee lifts my spirits, I open all the blinds (even if it makes the heat bill higher 🙂 ) and I write while listening to Depak Chopra meditation music. I agree, mornings are great-especially if you can get outdoors and see what is going on in the world! 🙂

  5. Winter Mornings are Special!! Sipping on hot adrak walli kadak chai..aaah!!! You wish to be cozy in bed for lil more time….but once you start walking to your fav tunes – every moment feels amazing!! People of all ages are breathing the freshness of winter n so do I. ..!! Love Winter Mornings 🙂

  6. I love this! I’ve been trying to eat healithier on days when I have a long shift at work and today I chose a big bottle of cold water instead of caffeine and I feel better for it already! Hopefully this could be my new morning routine! Great post 🙂

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