Celebration 1st January

The new year is celebrated.

Happy New year All lovely bloggers. 🌷

 Celebration of love life devotion creation Joy and positive vibes.No more old year talk. We can give all new chance to our life. Here I am saying rockabye to the 2016. Being single is a fun. Steadily finding a partner is also fun. πŸ˜› Cheer to all who celebrated with their Lovin partner. Oooo la la la. Holding hands and seeing in the eyes of loved ones. Goose bumps. Lift the hand if you also celebrated the new year. The first and foremost happiness is food. The first food is crunches. (Traditional name Chivada) 

It’s sweet, some tangy and spicy mix of fried items. One can find a lot of options with this. 

One thing that attracted my attention tonight was the Garden. No not that Regular one. It was a Chocolate Garden. I went wild when I heard the sophomore name of the shop recently opened and servicing chocolates variety. Awesome things. I liked chocolate dip sea. 🍫

The next big thing is a chance to meet Santa Claus. I always imagine him saying HoHoHo and kids rejoice in hearing the sound. I love how the kids make wishes and see the spark. The smile Santa brings to the face of Kids is Diamond. More than anything else we need smile on the loved ones. 🌼

No celebration is great without gifts. We all love gifts and so do we love surprise gifts. πŸŽπŸŽ€

This all made my day. At last I saw my dream. They say dream what is achievable. I see dream big and dream that is not achievable for many.  Till the day comes and we have to dream according to the world. 

Turn the table, start working with your dream.
life is beautiful. 
Celebrate it.
Decorate it with love and serve with devotion.
World is a playground, be the best kid on field. 
Happy new year.

Love and Light to you. 😍😘

Untill next time,

Masoom Jethwa.


29 thoughts on “Celebration 1st January

      1. maybe what I am doing to keep myself mindful is not enough? What more can you tell me of this Masoom?

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