In moments of despair? I may not see the Far-side, If you still hold my hand, walking with you may not be my trait, come to me please and fast so that we can we talk slow, To start a conversation, just with me? Will you be me serendipity? Will you trust me ? I am … Continue reading FarSide



Thoughts as Colors, Vibrant yet layers, In the bait of light, appear out of sight, There's light at the  End of tunnel, Will you start and, Reach there ??  Or simply turn around??  There is a moment we all were struggling inside with these multitudes of Colors. Those are longings. Those are the baits we … Continue reading Light


Forgive the fallen Which has faded early, Shallow and swollen, Those words that bite, Pity those hearts, Whose line of emotions, Falleb, has fallen. Sometimes we feel that some words should be avoided  as much as possible. Not because we are weak or strong, But it's our ability to maintain what we should.  Some absurd … Continue reading Fallen


​This Post is impromptu for the smell we get in the way of the travelling. I am traveling and the vehicle was stopped at the petrol pump. The aura of petroleum products came to me. I feel like I am I. Another world of fragrances. I came to the stop and step down from the … Continue reading Smell

At times

 We have to decide, Whether dive or glide, To the storm waiting, The day that calling, Raising within, Series of events, That leads the build up, Ever wondered, What makes us, What breaks us, A roaring sea, Versus calm sky, Which once poured, All might at sea,  Now watches it rising, At times, At last. … Continue reading At times

Celebration of MakarSankranti.

Google the word "MakarSankranti"  And wiki will say this Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn on its celestial path, which is the first change in the zodiac after the winter solstice. Apart from this, there is a celebration for various types of people in India. Some foods are also made … Continue reading Celebration of MakarSankranti.


It is raw, First type of love, Like karaoke lyrics, Fighting Flames, Shooting stars, Wasting Colors, Fallen apart, Still together This feeling is all, Going till, Smoke follows, We know, We'll face each other, Bounds of reputation, Healing life, Been together, With days and nights, Till heart beating, Chasing dreams. This feeling, Every thing is, … Continue reading Know