Holding Hands

Holding Hands: The first time you held someone’s hand.

Be the shadow to my life,
I am so afraid to lose you?
carved me like a doll,
and things never went well
and before I feel,
I see you as fading away !

Was all this I felt a fantasy?
year 2016 went so sissy,
Am I living in the imaginary,
or I don’t even know you already !

And if I let you find me
Till where you will expede,
Under the oceans or
depth of my dream.

And you lost me,
imagine me, fallen from a cliff,
and Soon I’ll be faded?
Will you hold my hold for ever ?

When we chat rubbish,
I will tease and you will act foolish,
Till last breathe, will you hold my hand
A touch to match fire my soul ?
and heal that so easily.

I have spent years in cold,
out without blankets,
over which the world has left,
bitter scars of hunter they played on me,
But I cant beg you to come back,
As I cant go low again.

So hold my hands and keep me warm,
I am set to burn, with all my might.
You are the answer I have been looking for,
You are the words, that brings world together,
You like a mirror, I always want to see.

Let us be falling parts of each other,
understand feelings of each other,
Let us know each other,
Lets hold hands together.

Life is Fighting flames of volcanoes,
Hanging on the burning separations,
lets take out canvas of the Life
and paint it holding hands.

We will together ride up to the end of the road,
Till the sun sets and streets loses its lights,
We will go together from air to land,
And we will rest facing each other,
One bed and one bed sheet,
Two hearts that beats,
SO we can look in the eyes
of each other with different rhythms.

Lets hold hands
and kiss each other,
and feel the feelings,
Holding hands, We make love.
That stays in heart for ever,
because this is we know.

Its difficult to stay away from someone whose hands can heal your pain.

‘I am writing this post towards #Blog&Celebrate contest by Novemberschild


5 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. Hands are made to do a lot of things, and one of them is to hold another hand. Hands fit perfectly together, despite whose hand you are holding, which makes it such a comforting gesture. However, holding hands can take on many different meanings, depending on who you are holding hands with. Holding hands may seem like a simple gesture, but in reality it can have a big impact on your relationship and the connection that you feel. Holding hands is a part of body language, and body language can tell you a lot about what someone is thinking and how they feel. Lastly, holding hands can show how each person feels about the other.

    Your post was so apt for my prompt/topic. Thank you for writing for the contest. Top 4 to be announced soon. Keep a watch on my tweets.

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