1st step

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~Lao Tzu

The first step has been taken in life. It was difficult tad difficult. There was many hurdles. The life seemed to be biased. It was tossed and completely messed up. There was no way out. The year 2016 was vague in the beginning. Life seemed to fade away. The fog of confusion dense. Internal silence was nowhere. The journey was unknown. The distance was unknown. The energy and the perseverance was absolutely unknown. The days seemed faded and I was in constant anticipation where am I heading?  And then there appeared a way that can make me something. The hope was there, the life was about to brighten. I have to give the test.  Test was given, I cleared, but Life wanted to chase me! Then I started my journey! A journey to the unknown. A test which set the passion on fire! My eyes had not seen the life early. But then, to achieve something you never achieved, you have to work that hard. 14 hours and then 16 and then 18 hours. Time flew and I grew faster. I started to learn. Two things i love the most and they are  Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I can now process my thoughts more visually. Now i take words seriously, and do reciprocate the same ! Another question is leaving something that made me happy to some extent, it’s Twitter. It so happened. I decided to leave Twitter.  It made a lot of people sad on me angry and upset. But I kinda want to stay away from the social media. I may revamp the complete community and come back or else I may never come back to Twitter. New year be the best, Robin my diary will step down and R she will succeed Robin from day 1. Alot more Happening. Let’s wish for the best. Let’s Eat Love and Pray. Good morning.

Celebrate Life. 

Masoom Jethwa.


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