If music be the food of love, play on.

I love music so much so I love the food too the confusion is food and love are not considered synonymous but both are equal in proportion. The life needs food as soul need partners. The food is not only life savior but Taste buds literally crave for it. Imagine all the cakes and cookies were they have been if not adored by someone who loves then. 

What thy sweetness has done to me, I speak and see sweet now.

~ Masoom Jethwa

Life is full of struggle. We all are struggling with it. There’s no soft corner, infact we have to leave enough more to survive and fast forward to the forward who is marching with enormous Speed. This message needs to commit that food for soul is absolutely necessary. 

Else life goes on. 

Craving a choco pie, here you go

But only one bite.. 😉😋 

Have a great day,

Comments if you feel after reading this.

Love and Light.

Masoom Jethwa.


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