An Evening

“Scarcely a tear to shed;
Hardly a word to say;
The end of a summer day;
Sweet Love dead.”

An Evening, Gwendolyn Brooks.

In a life, we have many to scare us. We shed a tear on our fear, but we hardly say a word about it. We crave and we bind our feeling. Few are courageous and few are smart. Few speak up and few remain silent. The story gets its mood as per the characters involved. In a world, where hypocrisy prevails, we have to decide where what do we portray when we stand and how we base it in daily life. If not the the sweet love is dead somewhere between adapting and moving on process This line from the Gwendolyn Brooks, describes well the emotion I came across few days back. It was a evening an I felt it, so wrote it.

Thank you for reading !
Have a better Life.
Celebrate Life.


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