Seamus Heaney in “Digging” penned a beautiful thought for all the Bloggers/Writers/Authors and those who are figuring out in between. The stanza is :

“Between my finger and my thumb, The squat pen rests; as snug as a gun.”

Our words have power. We all blogger have that power. Like the mood.
Yes now think back in your mind, when did it happened that you wrote something that gave you power. We have to write that matters to us and is prevalent in the society we live. I daily read about 1000 words and it gives me Life.
The Minion of my life is my Blog. In the Holiness of our existence, We can write and make aware bout the issues or we can just sit with our imagination and let it be unexplored ! Sometimes and Most of the times we have to dig that emotions and blog it. We have to blog and dig our head. Its an art how we comprehend with our thoughts a damn good words and represent it. So gear up and blog something that has been buried and write your heart out !
#Celebrate Life and Live the Life Now, Dig for Future.


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