December Post !

Welcome December !

Hello fellow readers. If you are reading this post, trust me You are alive and awesome and rocking. This post is dedicated to the December and I must tell you that the absence of November Post only states that the October and November were clubbed. The tasks were jointly executed. The birthday, the work, the blogging, the fun and most important the meetings. The next big thing is the assignment completion in December.

The December is the last month of the Year 2K16. The month of December is full of foundations and working more rigorously for the post-transformation. The transformation is of the scientific to the Data handling, with new missions, more data will pour in. This results in the developing, execution and implementation of more robust codes n scripts that work seamlessly with the new datasets. With huge computing requirement the more dynamical language is required, so is the programming practice. Now with some exercise, I will cope it up soon. Next thing which is delightfully great is that winning in 3 competitions in past two months and building a rapport with the blogging community. Next big thing in December is a test to give. Followed by the meet ups and writing part. I am also spending some of my time to an old hobby of “Photography”, to be revived soon. Apart from this the new year has lots of wishes and travel and fun. Lets see how the journey goes

Drop in your ideas on December in the comment box.
Till the next time Celebrate Life. Write Read Travel and Love Life.
~ Masoom Jethwa
Date: 1-12-2016


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